2016 Maine Civic Hack Day - Bangor, ME

Join us for the fourth annual Maine Civic Hack Day in Bangor, Maine. Have an idea or a civic project you need help with? Come present it to our teams of talented hackers!

Date: Saturday & Sunday, June 11 & 12, 2016

Time: Sat: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, Sun: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Location: Central Meeting House, 29 Center St, Bangor, ME

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Project Name Short Description of Project Describe the Project in Detail Minimum Viable Product
Inventory Management Creation of an inventory management web system with app, with the ability to expand to a library management Create a web app with the ability to manage an inventory, such as a library, printing QR tracking tags, and a phone app to interface to the system. Web Page with Inventory tracking
Civic Map Layers Create layers or regions on maps detailing civic data (trash day, school catchment) "I would like to be able to search for an address and find detailed information about what civic regions it is in. Examples include school districts, trash day, mill rate (taxes), construction, internet service provision, bus routes. I feel one of the most important pieces of this project will be the ease of adding regions to the map layers. The other important piece is that a user will need to be able to easily search for their address, perhaps harnessing google maps APIs to get the lat/lon. Lastly, any civic organization should be able to create layers and define which layers they want to search within - then display the search box and results on their page (iframe?)" Search box + layer generation tool - iframe-able HTML
Bird Song Game App Create an Android game to help learn to identify birds by their songs. "This Android game would be complete and donated to Fields Pond Audubon. The game would consist of around 30 birds and their songs. The game would be in the form of the card game ""Memory."" Tapping on a button would reveal a hidden bird song. Tapping on another button would reveal another hidden bird song. If the bird songs match then the identification of the bird would be revealed and those two buttons would vanish. The points would go to that player. The app would need to be turn key and placed on Google Play. No intervention would be required by Fields Pond. All rights would be given to Fields Pond. This idea is an extension of another project that was done for Maine Audubon last year. I talked to Cyndi Kuhn at Fields Pond today about it and she likes the idea." Complete and placed on Google Play
Rube Goldberg style kinectic display Fabricate a kinectic machine for Maine Discovery Museum "There is a kinetic display at MDM in need of repair. My proposal it to gut the display and replace it with an interactive display. The display would be done in a module type fashion. At least two modules would be required. On would be to carry balls or other mass objects to the top and the other module would be a method for the mass to return to base level. This project would allow non computer hackers a chance to show off their skills. Teams could take on different modules. After the first two modules are completed and functioning. Other modules could be added on Hack Day or in the future." A working display delivered to MDM
Northwoods Lawless Maine Game Warden's Data Viz Create an easy to access website and expressive data visualizations on all the data related to Colin Woodard's article North Woods Lawless and The Maine Game Warden's Service. If what is presented in the article is true, it uncovers grave injustices against fellow human beings. And we need to help. By creating data visualizations of any and all public information on the Maine Game Warden's association we can present unbiased data that will help the public become more knowlegeable about an organization that is meant to serve the public good. I would suggest that all development be done publicly on github so even more people can help if they would like. Website With Data